HAYLEY ST. JOHN-Monday-Friday 7pm-Midnight

Hometown: Jamestown, North Dakota.

Previous Radio stations at which you’ve worked:  My first few gigs that bravely hired me at 16. 103.1 The Raven (Rock), Big Dog Country 95.5 (Country), and Q101 (Top 40) in Jamestown, ND.

Top 3 all time favorite bands:  1. Aerosmith. 2. Foo Fighters. 3. The White Stripes. Also Cage The Elephant, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Halestorm, Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness, and Muse.

Top 3 all time favorite albums:  Foo Fighters -The Colour and the Shape, Aerosmith -Pump, Pink Floyd -Dark Side of the Moon.

Top 3 all time favorite movies:  Titanic (Shut up), Grease, Mean Girls.

Favorite Nashville haunts:  Flying Saucer. I’ve gone twice around and have my yellow plate on the ceiling. I also dig Mayday Brewery in the Boro, Phat Bites in Donelson, Clyde’s on Church, and wherever I stumble into in 12 South.

What’s your drink of choice:  Beer. The darker, the better. If you can’t see through the glass, then it’s my favorite. You know…tall, dark, and handsome.

If you could hang with anyone (real or fictional) it would be:  Jared Leto. I could do some damage there.

Something we may not know about you:   My mom is also a radio jock. And I hate ketchup. I guess that’s two…

If you weren’t working in radio what would you be doing: Good question. I can’t really do anything else.


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