LISTEN: ‘Motel’ by Meg Myers

Nashville, TN, United States / 102.9 The Buzz

The anticipation has been killing me for quite a while now. Finally, the full-length album from Meg drops this Friday the 18th. From it, “Motel.” She told SPIN:

 ‘Motel’ was inspired mostly by being on the road and searching for beauty in ugly situations. This also applies to everyday life for me. Feeling alone, lost and hopeless at times, I needed to write something to pull myself up out of it all. I used to write a lot about really dark subjects only, and this song was a way for me to finally find joy amidst the pain. The Townes Van Zandt quote I used in this song really resonated for me because he put into words what I’ve never quite been able to, and he’s such a huge inspiration to me. God bless him.

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