Alabama Senator Starts Go Fund Me Page. For Alabama

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It’s a sad state (pardon my pun) of affairs when your state is short on tax revenue, but the state of Alabama now has a Go Fund me page, started by senator Paul Sanford. He’s trying to raise $300 million for the state, with out raising taxes. His take is that “Instead of the government coming after your hard earned money you can send in an amount that fits your budget, even designate where you want your money spent.”  So far they’ve raised over $120o.  But the comments about the page are priceless….

“Please use this money to teach your public high school students how to safely wear and operate condoms.”

“Here is 10 bucks. If there was a lottery in this state that’s how much I would have spent today. Oh wait!! There is no lottery. Maybe instead of doing this, I should just mail to Tennessee!”

“Please use this money for cab fare to your local library and check out any economics text book by Friedrich Hayek.”

“Please earmark this donation to be used for evil and nefarious deeds.”

“Just a friendly Canadian trying to help.”


Would you give if Tennessee started a Go Fund Me?

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