[WATCH] Alice Cooper: “Mumford And Sons Proved Me Wrong” [VIDEO]

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Alice cooper digs Mumford and Sons! Now. Speaking with ABC Music News He says:

“You hear the new album? It rocks!” Cooper tells NME in a video interview. “Absolutely electric rock n’ roll. They came up with a rock n’ roll album and kinda proved me wrong.”

In a 2013 interview, Cooper said that calling Mumford & Sons a “rock” band was an “offense to rock n’ roll,” adding that the then-banjo heavy band is “great at what they do, but it’s not rock n’ roll,” a notion that he still stands behind.

“I’m not taking anything back,” Cooper says. “When I heard them [originally], they were playing folk music. Now, I’m really impressed with them. That’s the kind of band I’d go to see.”

Maybe we’ll see Alice at the next Mumford Show!
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Alice Cooper On Mumford And Sons

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