How Much Would It Cost To Book Your Favorite Band For a Summer Concert In Your Back Yard?

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Summer time and the living’s easy! Wouldn’t it be great to have a party in your back yard and have your favorite band play your party? Sure it would, but you would have to pay them. Here’s a list of some of the top bands and how much you can get them to come play your gig….

If you wanted to get Arctic Monkeys to play, then you’d only have to come up with $176, 838, for Dave Grohl, solo, it would cost you $224,511.50, but for all the Foo to come it would cost $500,000.  You can get the Smashing Pumpkins for just a mere $200-400k.  For 30 Seconds to Mars (Somebody get this to happen for Hayley St. John for her next birthday party) it’s just $40-50k. For FFDP you only have to come up with $50-75K. Let’s get these parties booked. Oh and don’t forget to invite me. I’m good for about $50 bucks.  Click the Link HERE to see how much to book your fav band


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