5@5: Woman Jailed Over Loud Sex

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5@5: Woman Jailed Over Loud Sex

A woman in Birmingham, England, is heading to jail for two weeks because she had sex so loud that it annoyed her neighbors.

Gemma Wale became subject to an “antisocial behavior order” forbidding her from bothering her neighbors after they complained to the Birmingham City Council that she’d been making a racket in her apartment.

The woman, whose age was not given, had reportedly gotten into loud fights with her boyfriend, identified only as Wayne, the BBC reported.

Neighbors reported that on Jan. 29, Wale had incredibly loud sex very early in the morning, thus violating the order.

Birmingham County Court Judge Emma Kelly determined that Wale had violated the order, which also prohibited her from playing loud music, shouting, swearing, making banging noises, stomping and slamming doors, according to The Guardian.

Huffington Post has the entire story here.

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