Foo Fighters Send David Letterman Off Into The Sunset [VIDEO]

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I’m like a lot of people, and really haven’t watched Dave in quite a long time. But he was part of my life growing up and also helped shape my sense of humour.  But when I heard that the Foo’s were going to close out his last show, I had to watch, and well, it was more than just the Foo’s performing.

Foo Fighters  had the honor of closing out David Letterman’s final Late Show broadcast on Wednesday night.

Dave Grohl and company performed “Everlong,” as highlights of Letterman’s 33 years in late night were shown.

Letterman noted that “Everlong” holds great meaning for him. The Foo Fighters played it on Late Show when the host returned following heart surgery in 2000.

Letterman recalled that he specifically requested the Foo Fighters appear on his program after that surgery to perform “Everlong,” and that they accommodated him by cancelling a South American tour. He added, “Happily, ever since, we’ve been joined at the hip.”

In introducing the Foo Fighters to wrap up his finale, Letterman said, “The only thing I have left to do, for the last time on a television program, thank you and good night.”

Thanks Dave for years of entertainment. I’m quite sure Stephen Colbert will do you proud taking over The Late Show

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Foo Fighters Everlong Letterman Send Off

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