Royal Blood Don’t Need Anymore Stinking Members [VIDEO]

Nashville, TN, United States / 102.9 The Buzz

Just like a good song, sometimes all you need are two chords and voila! A HIT! Much like Royal Blood. These guys are just a two piece, with no side, and that’s all you need. The sonic sounds that these two guys make don’t need anything extra. Recently they were asked if they thought they’d add more members to the band once they got ‘bigger.’   Mike Kerr states, “We didn’t want anyone else in the band. There was no one else that would really fit in,” Kerr tells MOJO. “We could play these same songs we have with more members, and it would be a similar band, but you’d miss out on some of the ways we connect, our chemistry.”
And according to Kerr, the chemistry used to make the sound of Royal Blood, “The way I managed to engineer the sound was a free pass for it to be just me and Ben,” Kerr says. “Being in a band isn’t easy. You can’t build it on distortion sound alone.”

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