Wes Scantlin Arrested!

Nashville, TN, United States / 102.9 The Buzz
Wes Scantlin Arrested!

I’ve been pretty bored in airports before too. Especially at Denver International. That one’s the worst!! But I can’t say I’ve gone this far to entertain myself.

Dude hopped onto the baggage claim carousel and took a little ride. Made it into the restricted area before he was taken into the hands of local police.

It’s pretty cool that one of his fans bailed him out of jail. But, he ended up disappointing thousands of others at a show that night. The concert ran so late, that a huge chunk of the crowd ended up leaving before they took the stage.

The promoters of the show posted a message saying, “I apologize to all of those who left early…Those of you that stayed, I hope you love Puddle of Mudd cause we will NEVER book them again.”

Shocking, but not surprising at the same time. Especially after he’s been in a downward spiral the last couple years or so. Throwing a microphone and beer into the audience and making threats, cocaine, domestic violence, vandalizing a neighbor’s property…the list goes on.

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