Why Eddie Vedder is Awesome.

Nashville, TN, United States / 102.9 The Buzz

Because he’s the lead singer of an awesome band, yes. Because he speaks his mind, yes. But because he keeps his promises to his fans after 22 years, ummm…YES!!

Dude named Joe Wolfe randomly stumbled into Eddie Vedder at a movie theater in 1992. Since the luxury of camera phones didn’t exist back then, that opportunity unfortunately didn’t get captured. Hey, at least he got to meet the guy. And he left hopeful when Eddie said that he promised to get their picture taken “the next time I saw him.”

Sure enough, 22 years later at a show in Cincinnati, OH, the dude reminded Eddie about the story from way back when, and not only he got his long-awaited picture, but he got spoiled with some time backstage, an autograph and guitar pick.  ConsequenceOfSound.net has the full story covered.

Oh…and a lovely speech straight from the stage at the show!

Eddie Vedder Talks About Fan on Stage

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