Wings of Apollo...Taking flight over Nashville's Local Scene

by Hunter Briley l Sunday, March 17, 2013

Im always looking for new music...well I have found one heck of a band. I was first sent the self titled "Wings of Apollo" for consideration to add to our Local Buzz Playlist. I threw the cd into the player and honestly, I expected something good. Lets start with the artwork, like a savvy winemaker would do these guys put one honest to goodness cool label on this finely blended package. The cover consists of a lion with wings, a serpent for a tail, and fiery heart with barbed wire surrounding it.

"- it is through purifying the heart rather than acquiring intellectual knowledge that one actually achieves true wisdom,  we tend to look at the heart as the place where emotions reside – most notably love. On our album, you will notice that the heart is presented with both of these viewpoints in tandem with the dark/light theme"-Jesse Korby, Vocalist and Guitarist, Wings of Apollo

Now, having seen this, I was truly ready for a pretty thumping good rock record. The first track "Gladiator" opens with literally a heart pounding riff that sets the tone for the record, I was hooked. After listening to the album, my audio and visual senses stimulated, I moved to my next step in my own personal process...the live show. As Nick Hex from 311 says "if cant kick it live ya gonna die". I was almost delighted to find that the boys' next show was at the still standing Springwater off of West End. To have a killer show in this still-smokey little soundbox is something special. The band did not disappoint. The energy alone was radiated throughout the room. This band has rehearsed, and honed their show, however there is a wonderful raw, unexpected quality to it, just stick around for the mid-set, music stopping "Pony Races". The band stops the show and runs to the bar to indulge with whomever will join them in a guzzling of about 4oz. of the Champaingne of Beers itself just to see who can do it fastest.

Im happy to have been part of the show, and to have these guys on my "friends" list. Im certainly going to follow them and you will definetly here them on The Local Buzz every Sunday night...and hopefully more! Stay tuned I will have them on the show for a live, in studio interview soon.

Until then keep rockin local buzz nation!!

-Hunter Briley email me if you are in a band and would like to here it on the show!