What Does A Nashville Walgreen's and a Man High On Meth And Ritalin Look Like? Check It Out [VIDEO]

By Chris Atticus | Monday, January 27, 2014 

via WKRN News 2 Nashville: 

Man arrested for vandalizing Berry Hill Walgreens


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A man was arrested over the weekend for ransacking a Nashville area drug store.

Berry Hill police were called after Andrew Reilly, 26, was observed at the Walgreens store on Franklin Pike going aisle by aisle, knocking items off the shelves.

According to the police report, Reilly struggled with officers as they attempted to subdue him.

He repeated the phrases "I am Judas.  I betrayed Jesus" and "Please put me to death" as he was taken into custody.

Reilly was charged with vandalism and simple assault.

He later told officers he had ingested Propofol, meth and Ritalin.


Photo: WKRN