Wait... Cap'n Crunch Isn't A Real Captain?!

News broke all around the Internet this week that Cap'n Crunch from the legendary cereal of the same name, according to his uniform, cannot be a naval captain. Someone with way too much time on their hands noticed that Cap'n Crunch has only three stripes on his captain uniform. This is noteworthy as naval captains are supposed to to have four stripes on the sleeves of their uniforms.

Basically saying, Cap'n Crunch is not a real naval captain.

He's just some knock-off who got a captains uniform from a costume store somewhere. A knock-off with a sick mind who takes pleasure in tricking children and cereal lovers of all ages worldwide. In fact, I'm beginning to wonder if me and Cap'n, really CAN make it happen?

Although, it must be noted that in technical naval terms, Cap'n Crunch is still a Commander. Or in Cap'n terms, a Command'r.

However, this uproar has gotten the Cap'n (or Fak'r, as some would call him now), to speak out. And how does a fictitious cartoon cereal endorsing naval captain speak out in 2013?


Cap'n tweeted the following:

And this:

So what do YOU think? Is Cap'n Crunch a true Captain?

(Images via Gawker)