Trent Reznor is Pi$$ed His Grammys Performance Was Cut Short [VIDEO]

By Chris Atticus | Monday, January 27, 2014

And he should be.  All of the build up.  All of the waiting through the entire pop fest.  The moment finally arrives.  Trent Reznor, Dave Grohl, Lindsey Buckingham and Queens of The Stone Age take the stage to perform the most anticipated moment of the night.  And it starts off awesome.  

Trent Reznor and gang start out with "Copy Of A".  Incredible.  Then Queens of the Stone Age take over with Grohl bashing away on the drums and Reznor on keys.  They start performing "My God Is the Sun."  Amazing.  And then the Grammys pull the ultimate douche card, cut away from the performance, go to sponsor info, then they come back and slap the super group in the face again by rolling more sponsor info over a distant shot of the band on stage.  Then the coup de gra - the kick in the balls as they cut their performance off completely.  Typical Grammys fashion.

Trent was pi$$ed.  As he should be.  Lucky for us, he took to Twitter to let the world know.

Most of the YouTube videos we have found keep getting deleted ('sup with that Grammys Nazi's???)  Watch a recorded version of the performance before it, too gets deleted below.