The Man Who Named Rock And Roll Ashes Being Evicted

BsQueeGee Tuesday 5 August, 2014  

So the man, who coined the term Rock And Roll, has had is ashed on display at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame for, like forever. But recently, his son got a call from the Pres./CEO GREG HARRIS and he said; man, you gotta come pick up your dad's ahses. Cause, "people walk past the exhibit and your dad's ashes and they scratch their heads and can't figure out what this thing is." Just his ashes though. The rest of his memoribila will remain. His son says they are just pushing his dad's memory on down the road, cause, well they are the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. 

FREED's career exploded in the 1950s when he hosted at WJW-A/CLEVELAND; after stints at WINS-A and WABC-A/NEW YORK, the payola scandal of 1959 ended his ascent, and he passed away at 43 in 1965. 

If you aren't sure who Alan Freed is and why he's important. Educate yourself...  Watch this video from Drunk History and learn..from a drunk guy...

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