The Girl Who Talked To Dolphins, And Had Sex With One!!!!

BsQueeGee Thursday June 11 2014


By Rich Juzwiak 

There's a new documentary coming on, next Tuesday, June 17th, 2014. "The Girl Who Talked to Dolphins."  And, that's not all she did with one dolphin. They had quite the uh, intimate relationship as well, as stated right here,  

Margaret Howe Lovatt describes how she coped with Peter the dolphin's sexual urges. Showing 17th June 2014, on BBC Four.

"In the beginning when he would get rambunctious and had this need, I would put him on the elevator and say, "You go play with the girls for a day"...I was just easier to incorporate [dolphin handjobs] and let it happen. It was very precious. It was very gentle...Again it was sexual on his part, it was not sexual on mine."

Wanna see it???? Of course you do.....Here's a preview.

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