Local Buzz Cut Of The Week - Subway Lights




Local Buzz Cut this week is from Subway Lights, with the track Can You Hear Me.


SUBWAY LIGHTS is a Nashville based rock band formed in 2012. The band's founding members, Gary Call (vocalist/guitarist/programmer) and Alex Quinn (guitarist), started writing songs for the new band in early 2012, during which time both members played around town with other local bands. Jairo Ruiz (bassist), formerly with The Worsties, was recruited later in the year with Art Quanstrom (drummer) joining soon after.

SUBWAY LIGHTS' sound draws influence from such creative artists like David Bowie, The Cure, The Bravery, The Strokes, Franz Ferdinand, and INXS. The music is distinct, blending melodic guitar riffs against synth-pop textures, with bass and drums driving the rhythm. The vocals are resounding and melodious, completing the compelling sound of the band.