Local Buzz Cut of the Week: Look What I Did


This week's Local Buzz Cut Artist is Look What I Did with the song Wait, Don't Jump.  Listen all week long (March 10-14) at 2pm.



LOOK WHAT I DID and their INFO PUNK REVOLUTION seek to resurrect the uncompromising, creative spirit that formerly embodied punk, grunge, jazz, metal, hardcore, and rock n' roll. Their spark of defiance brought to life a frankenstein monster, pieced together from all genres of music, like the entire ipod library of a music maven smashed into a cannon and fired headlong into the unsuspecting, bored consumers of commercialized mush.

Their KOCH/COMBAT release "Minuteman For the Moment" was a declaration of war with the status quo; vanity labels, industry pros, and financially comfortable sell-outs tremble at every note; that looming sound in the distance is the inevitable demise of the trends they exploit. Everyone is tired, and LOOK WHAT I DID offers a way out.

They have teamed up with producer Brian Virtue(Janes Addiction, Horse the Band) again for their upcoming release, which will be made available on Virtue's Modernist Movement label in the near future.

Keep an eye out for the bands unpredictable, absurdist live shows. The room descends into total chaos wherever their relentless tour schedule takes them. 170,000 miles of touring with bands of any genre have put them in front of the confused fans of tourmates like Ion Dissonance, The Human Abstract, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Folly, Foxy Shazam, Animosity, Dog Fashion Disco, Tub Ring, Karate High School, Lye By Mistake, The Network, Forever in Terror, the VANS Warped Tour and many more. Watch for them to force your town into cognitive dissonance very soon! Don't miss out on the INFO revolution.