It's Gonna Be One Badass Record

By Hayley St. John | Friday, March 4, 2014


Photo: Facebook

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After more than a month of pre-production, Godsmack finally entered the studio this week to begin recording its sixth album for release in late 2014. According to Blabbermouth, frontman Sully Erna tweeted on Thursday (March 13th), "Pre-production is finally over! We've officially started recording the new album! And it is going to be one badass record! Just sayin' . . . "

    • He later added: "Off to the studio! Vocals start today. Rock and roll better watch out. 'Cuz here we come! AGAIN."
    • The new album will follow up 2010's The Oracle.
    • Drummer Shannon Larkin recently said that the band had "so many cool new tunes" that it was going to be hard to narrow the list down for the final album, adding, "I know it's been awhile since you've heard from us, but we will make it worth your wait!"
  • Even before achieving massive success with Godsmack, Larkin told us a while back that he's never had to fall back on a day job to pay his bills: "I started playing nightclubs when I was 13 years old, and I'm one of those lucky musicians that have never worked a day job. I've always been a musician and always been able to pay my rent through playing music. So I'm a one-percenter."
  • Sully Erna recently made his acting debut in a horror film called Army Of The Damned, out now on DVD.