Hot Convict.

By Hayley St. John | Monday, June 23, 2014


Video: YouTube/WhiteLine

Apparently everybody and their mother has heard of Jeremy Meeks, aka "The Hot Convict" by now. But I'm just getting around to this. This guy was arrested for five weapons charges and a gang charge last week. When his mugshot was posted to Facebook, it went viral and drove plenty girls crazy.

Check out these comments... "I'd pay him a prison visit or maybe even bail him out." "If this guy broke into my house, I'd make him forget why he broke in within 30 seconds." "I'd go 50 Shades on that man!" Haha! Okay, I might have giggled at those.

Since then, apparently there have been other headlines of how the dude reeeaally doesn't look like that all the time and how his wife is super pissed that he's getting swooned at by the public. The things that are making headlines these days...