Forget the late fee...You're under arrest!

By Hayley St. John | Monday, February 17, 2014



Video: FOX Carolina

Remember video stores? Those places you walk into, get a VHS tape, and then return it after a few days after you rewind it? Yeah, they're fightin' back alright! Even though there are hardly left at all anymore, one customer in South Carolina got nailed for renting and not returning a movie she rented almost nine years ago! What?!

She rented the movie Monster-In-Law (or I like to say TAPE, because it's funny to me) from a video store that has been out of business for quite some time, but was just arrested on Thursday for still not returning it. She rented it in 2005. 20-freaking-05! And they're just getting to the bottom it now?

I call BULL on this story, but it reminded me of the late fee that I still haven't paid Blockbuster since 2008. Damn. =\