Evil Dead Remake-Spring 2013

By Chad Barron, 

Well it has been done, and will be out in 2013.  Cult Classic Evil Dead has been remade into a movie which goes for more of a gut curdling gore and crap your pants in fear feel over a "yes, chainsaw for an arm" reaction that the original produced. Before you freak out though, you must know the forces behind the remake-Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi...I'm sold. 

Of course nothing will ever replace the original (or for that matter the even better Evil Dead II). However, remakes, reboots, and unthinkable sequels can be good times too.  I give you Freddy vs. Jason, Clerks II, and the Batman franchise reboot. 

So takeaway what you want, but I'm going to see this mother when it comes out if for no other reason than because it starts the same way as Evil Dead and Evil Dead II...with a girl in a Michigan State sweatshirt, which is a sure sign of death.  

Here's the site, and here's a preview:

Evil Dead 2013 from Sony