Crosses Release Video for 'The Epilogue'

By Zigz | Thursday, March 20, 2014

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Crosses, the band featuring Deftones singer Chino Moreno, has released a video for "The Epilogue," the new single from the band's self-titled full-length debut. Moreno told us how he got involved with the group in the first place, which was started by Far guitarist Shaun Lopez and Chuck Doom: "Shaun and Chuck were working together for a while before I came into the picture, and I just so happened to come in one day. These guys were, you know, writing some stuff and I heard it and I liked it right off the bat, and I sort of weaseled my way (laughs) into the project. I think their idea was to get a bunch of different singers to, you know, just write different tracks, didn't happen."

  • Crosses' CD includes the songs from the band's two previously released EPs along with five new tracks.
  • Moreno recently told Rolling Stone around Crosses' sound, "By listening to the music, you can tell that a lot of the influences come from the new-wave era. That was basically the scene that I came up on. I just happened to wind up in a metal band when I was 15."


Screenshot/Video: Sumerian Records