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by Parker Minor  l Monday, November 11, 2013



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Music City


     Music is not just a hobby or way to make money in this town.. It is a 'way of life' in Nashville.  The industry and music scene in Nashville are constantly growing, opening up opportunities in the business, giving people the chance to do what they desire most, work with music.  The city's reputation is a competitive, talented atmosphere and musical environment that is recognized all around by the entertainment world.  For a place that is known for its Country music though, the rock scene in Music City is tremendous and Rock n' Roll is much definitely alive in Nashville, TN! 

    I am fortunate to be employed, working for the greatest company in Nashville Radio, the Cromwell Radio Group Inc.  (Owner: Bayard Walters, General Manager: Tincy Crouse, & Program Director: Chris "Zigz"Cox), all whom are a pleasure to work for, have opened up many great opportunities throughout my rock radio career.  As a musician myself, and an On-Air Personality in Nashville's radio market for 'Nashville's Rock Station' 102.9 the Buzz, I have had the opportunity to work and build relationships with many successful musicians in today's industry.  This, in itself, has opened up my eyes of how big of a rock influence Nashville has on the music world.  There is a lot of talent and many well-known rock acts, that either live in or around Nashville or are from the city, that are a constant part of Music City and are very supportive of the rock scene and music community in Nashville. 

     Nashville, having the active community that it does, has numerous events and festivals that are held every year, such as, Bonnaroo, Summer NAMM, and other events that many rock musicians and others in the industry attend.  While other cities are known for being the place that never sleeps, Nashville is the city where the music never sleeps.  There is always a show in Music City, some that I myself will be a part of in the next upcoming months, so be looking out for what NEW is happening with Rock n' Roll in Nashville!


 pArker minor

On-Air Radio Personality

Music City, U.S.A. Nashville, TN