Cause. Florida. SEX TAPE!

BsQueeGee Wednesday 23 July, 2014  

The other night I told you about a guy, Michael Doster, who was arrested for domestic battery in Passage Key, Fla. 

The story goes he and his wife were in an area where people like to get naked and float around. Well, wife finds husband with another man, doing, well, like the number 71 minus 2. They both got back on their Sea Doo and started arguing, he threw her off the watercraft 4 times. She hit her head on the side of the craft the last time, and, told him to piss off. She floated to a sand bar, where authorites found her. They took her for medical help, she died in the hospital. He's being charged. Ok, but now, this happened on Florida's Bradenton Beach. Doezens of people, including the granny who shot this video, watched a couple have sex for about 25 min! Now I know. You're thinking, 25 MINUTES! There's no way....but yeah it happened. Then they took a nap, and woke up and started to get it on again. And Here's the rest of the story. VIDEO!! 

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