Axl Rose Knocks Out Fan's Teeth

Photo: JamSpreader


So, remember that one time Axl Rose knocked out someone's front teeth?

Well, he did.

Guns N' Roses is currently on tour in Australia, and during their show in Perth last Saturday night, Axl Rose tossed his cordless microphone into the crowd, hoping to make somebody's day by catching it and taking it home as a souvenir. Not a bad gesture. Unfortunately, his good deed backfired on him, and the microphone hit 39-year-old Darren Wright in the mouth, and he broke his two front teeth.

Darren Wright commented, 'I don't think he intended to do it, but it came at me at a fairly flat and hard trajectory. Those cordless microphones are not light. I'm surprised it didn't do more damage. At the very least, I want someone to pay to get my teeth fixed.' (from VVN Music)

Apparently the dentist estimated over $5,000 worth of damage done to the man's teeth, and since no good story would be complete without a lawsuit...yes, he plans on suing Axl Rose.

I mean, I have a hard time just trying to catch a guitar pick at a concert...but catching a microphone? And with your mouth? Flaunt it, dude!