Chris Atticus

Afternoons 3pm-7pm

I'm not one to write about myself and the many achievements that I've accomplished, so I've found someone that can write this bio for me:

"To whoever finds this letter, a man has kidnapped me at gun point and locked me in what seems to be an underground bunker. There are no windows, only this single sheet of paper and a crayon. I do not know this man. He has locked me in here and said he would return, but he hasn't. I believe that I have been locked in here for two days, but since there are no windows, it is hard to gauge. I have been unsuccessful in every attempt to free myself from this bunker. If I do not make it out alive, I hope that someone finds this letter. The man who kidnapped me is 5 foot 8, messy blonde hair, blue eyes, skinny, and hilarious in many ways! So whoever finds this.... remember me. - Doug"

I thought he wrote a great bio... he really nailed my description.