Woman Gets Out DUI: Her Defense? Her Body Is A Brewery

Nashville, TN, United States / 102.9 The Buzz

Whatever you  do tonight to get out of a DUI, I wouldn’t recommend you try this on the cop.  A woman, a Hamburg resident,  was pulled over Hamburg after another driver called 911 to report that the driver’s 2010 Toyota Corolla was “weaving all over” the road. The officer noted that  the Corolla’s right front passenger tire was flat and the vehicle was producing “a large amount of smoke and a noticeable smell of burning rubber.” The woman had all the symptoms of being drunk. Glassy eyes, smelling like a brewery, etc….they measured her blood alcohol content at .33 percent, more than four times higher than the state’s legal limit.  The officer said the driver told him she had about three cocktails earlier in the day while visiting her parents in Buffalo. The Rest of the story is here from the Buffalo News


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