Crazy Doesn’t Take Holidays Off In Florida

Nashville, TN, United States / 102.9 The Buzz

There’s never a dull moment in Florida. Take for example, the story of a woman, Josseleen Elida Lopez, who decided it would be wrong to take food and wine outside the Walmart grocery store. A store loss prevention employee saw her grab a box of sushi from the shelf, eat a piece and put the box back. She did the same with cinnamon rolls and mini muffins. He saw her eat the majority of a rotisserie chicken while on the shopping floor. And let’s not forget the half of a bottle of wine she drank also rolling through the store. You can guess what the deputies found in her purse and back pack….two empty syringes that she told deputies she had used earlier to shoot up some meth….Total cost of her dine in experience at the grocery; $32.36. Her price for bonding out of jail was probably at least $500 more than the cost of her dinner.


Be Just and Fear Not



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