Cafeteria Worker Who Got Fired For Having Compassion Get’s A Christmas Gift

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A Iowa cafeteria worker who was recently fired, for feeding a hungry child, has been offered her job back! Dalene Bowden, learned that a 12-year-old Idaho middle school student didn’t have the $1.70 required to buy school lunch. Instead of allowing the child to go without food, Bowden provided the kid with a meal from the school cafeteria. The district had placed Bowden on leave Dec. 15 before deciding to fire her earlier this week, she said.

But, there is good news. Now the school district has reached out to her on Christmas Eve and offered her job back.  The district sent out the following statement.  “During this holiday season, emotions and feelings abound in the spirit of giving and looking after the needs of others.” It continues, “Our District focuses on the success of every student and recognizes nutrition is an important part of each student’s education and learning.”

There’s been no word on whether she accepted their offer  yet.


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Idaho Cafeteria Worker Fired For Feeding Hungry Child

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