So You Were Too Embarrassed To Buy Your Sex Toy, But Stealing It and Getting Your Pic Plastered All Over The Interwebs Isn’t Embarrassing At All

Nashville, TN, United States / 102.9 The Buzz

You have to be pretty secure in your sexuality to be able to go and get a butt plug and plop it down on the counter and pay for it. But if you’re just a little embarrassed to actually let everyone know that you are about to go home and get some ‘alone’ time happening, don’t steal your sex toys.¬†Christopher Masters, 33, was arrested Dec. 10 after a manager at a Spencer’s Gifts store in Vero Beach, Florida, reported seeing him stick two sex toys down his britches. Dude had the money to pay for the items, but was to embarrassed to pay for them cause they were sex toys.¬†Masters was released shortly after midnight after posting $500 bond — about $470.02 more than the cost of the sex toys he was allegedly too embarrassed to purchase.


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