Eric’s Top Faves of 2015

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We asked the guys to tell us some of their favorite things from 2015: albums, concerts, and songs. They’ve narrowed it down to five, and here’s what they had to say.

Top 5 Favorite Albums

5. Three Days Grace – Human

They got a new lead singer and didn’t miss a beat.

4. Bring Me The Horizon – That’s The Spirit.

The music sounds upbeat ,but the lyrics are dark!

3. Disturbed – Immortalized

No one knew it was coming, then BAM! Hits like a freight train.

2. The Dead Weather – Dodge and Burn

Just some really cool sounding music AND you can get it on vinyl!

1. Five Finger Death Punch-Got Your Six

After looking like they had broken up in Memphis, FFDP delivers an album that showed they are stronger and heavier than ever

Top 5 Favorite Concerts

5. Saint Sonia @ Mercy

They did originals and covered the bands they were in. Great night!

4. Swanky Sweater@ WMA

Awolnation just blew me away!

3.Steel Panther @Marathon Music Works

We partied like tomorrow was the end of the world!

2. Seether@ WMA with Tremonti

Just awesome all the way around!

1. Broken Record Comedy Show @ The East Room

For over 8 days comedians here in Nashville put on a Guinness World Record long show and almost went crazy doing it!

Top 5 Favorite Songs

5. Ghost – Cirice

Its dark and melodic. I love running to it.

4. Turbowolf – Rabbits Foot

I have woken up several times with that hook in my head. Love the sound!

3. Bring Me The Horizon – Throne

From the beginning it just grabs me and I love it every single time I hear it.

2. Highly Suspect – Lydia

There’s a reason its up for a Grammy….its just so frickin good!

1. Five Finger Death Punch – Wash It All Away

I probably owe The Buzz new speakers cause I crank the S@#t outta that every time!


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