Lzzy Hale Says Nashville Musicianship Influenced ‘Into The Wild Life’

Nashville, TN, United States / 102.9 The Buzz

Lzzy nailed the description of the music scene in Nashville when she talked to ShawTV recently.

When I started at The Buzz, I had out-of-town friends that are like “There are rock stations in Nashville?” Not realizing that there’s more than just country music in this town. I like that Lzzy pointed that out and has a lot of respect for the music scene. She said,

What we love about that town is that it really has become so much more diverse than just the country [scene]. Yes, there’s a huge country [scene] — that’s their m.o. — but just the vibe in general is that, really no matter what genre it is, can you kill it in a bar at 4 a.m.? Can you sing some Janis Joplin and bring the house down? That’s what they judge you on. It’s not necessarily, what magazine cover have you been on lately? So just the whole live feel and the fact that there’s so many great musicians, it really kind of made us step up our game. Because we were going out and seeing live music every single night of the week, and then we’d go in in the morning and play music. And it’s, like, you just look at this guy that’s, like, just some dude that probably works at Home Depot, and he can shred on guitar. And we’re, like, ‘We need to practice.’ So in that aspect, the musicianship definitely influenced us.

Blabbermouth has more of the interview here.

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