5@5: Woman’s Feel Good Story On Facebook Is Fake!

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It’s stories like this that make me a misanthropist. There’s plenty of feel good stories that are shared all over, and then there’s this: Paige Yore of Pueblo Co. posted a story, and video on her fb page: apparently she was in her local Walmart standing in the check out line when she noticed the clerk struggling. He was having problems ringing up items for the person in front of her.  At one point, she says that the woman yelled at the cashier because he was too slow, and then yelled at him again because her card was declined. And of course, Yore stepped in to attempt to calm the irate woman down…..After Yore helped the young man, he then walked around the corner and hugged Yore.  She says that he then told her that his mother had just committed suicide that morning, but he had to work to pay the rent.

You see, the truth of the matter is that none of this is true! A spokesman for Walmart said they reached out to the store that all this drama took place in, and said it wasn’t true! They even reviewed security footage from that store on Friday and spotted Yore checking out, but said there’s no evidence that this happened.

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Paige Yore Fake Helper Video

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