Watch This Man React to the Modern World After 44 Years in Prison

Nashville, TN, United States / 102.9 The Buzz

This is the kind of story that I can’t even wrap my brain around. Were you even alive 44 years ago? Think of everything that’s changed since then; even in the last ten years, for that matter. Could you imagine the amount of culture shock after being out and about in the real world for the first time in 44 years?

This guy named Otis Johnson went to prison in the 1960’s at the age of 25. He was released last year after 44 years behind bars. Now 69 years old, with no contact with his family or friends, he is on his own in Manhattan.

Some things that are blowing his mind are people walking around with ear buds in, or “wires in their ears.” And how can everyone notice where they’re going if they’re looking down at their “iPhones” when they walk?

The video below is pretty amazing. BuzzFeed has the entire story here.

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