(STUDY) Millennials Who Smoke Pot Get Sex More Often

Nashville, TN, United States / 102.9 The Buzz

A study done by SKYN condoms did a study of 500,117 18-34 year olds and found that  weed not only enhances sex drive, but it also makes for a hotter sex life. A little over 14% of the individuals stated that  people who smoke weed every day get it on a couple of  times a day,  opposed to  5% who reported the same thing but didn’t smoke.  The study also found that daily smokers had more sexual partners and one night stands, with 37% of participants saying that they had 15 or more partners. 14% of those who didn’t smoke said they had similar track records.  The study also showed that high levels of cannabis could cause erectile dysfunction – similar to the effects of alcohol – 59% of those surveyed reported having amazing sex all of the time, despite their love for the bud. Only 41% of nonsmokers said the same.

I guess when you reach 35 and you smoke pot, you just sit on the couch after blazing up and watch The Walking Dead.

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