5@5: Iowa Man Eats Toilet Paper To Avoid Drunk Driving Charge

Nashville, TN, United States / 102.9 The Buzz

We’ve all heard the urban legends on what to do if you’re pulled over and you’ve been drinking. From putting a penny in your mouth, eating foods with strong odors,  to eating your underpants. One guy in Iowa thought that eating toilet paper would get him out of failing a breathalyzer test. Ross McDonald was pulled over on Sunday morning after partying all night on Halloween, after officers noticed he was driving the wrong way on the road. The cops noticed that his speech was slurred, eyes all bloodshot, and he couldn’t tell officers which bar he had been, before he got in his car. Cops also noted his ‘Halloween Costume,’ which was A trench coat and  piece of cloth that looked like a penis. He refused the breathalyzer, but came to his senses after he swallowed toilet paper thinking it would interfere with the test. He was wrong. He blew a.165, more than double the state’s legal limit.


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