5@5: Is It Time To Just Give Up Eating?

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5@5:  Is It Time To Just Give Up Eating?

Right on the heels of the devastating news that eating some tasty bacon could lead to cancer, we get this.

In a recent study, a group found that some hot dogs contain human DNA!  They also found that some of those veggie hot dogs actually do have meat in them!

Now, apparently the human DNA found in the dogs is mostly the result of hair and broken fingernails.  Wait… is that supposed to make me feel better?  According to this comment from an individual from the research group, it’s not really a big health concern.

Sasan Amini from Clear Labs told HuffPost this, “It is unlikely that human DNA is harmful to consumer health. In general, we consider human DNA a hygienic issue that degrades the quality of food more than a public health concern.”

Yeah… NO… I don’t feel better…

Read more about the study HERE.


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