Dave Mustaine Moved to Nashville for Country Music. Well, Technically.

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Dave Mustaine Moved to Nashville for Country Music. Well, Technically.

Before I get grief…yes, the man moved to Nashville (Franklin, to be exact), and technically for reasons involving a country music career. Not for his, but for his daughter’s.

Electra Mustaine is going for the same industry as her dad, except a different scene. Dave Mustaine told Rolling Stone India:

It was Electra [Mustaine’s daughter and country singer]. The reason we moved out here was because I’ve made four records out here and all those times I was record­ing, I did live here. It really was comfort­able to be here. The last time we were here, Electra was only two years old. We didn’t know that she had the gift and once she started singing — I heard her sing one time and I was really convinced. I don’t profess to be a singer first and foremost — I’m a guitar player that sings more than a sing­er who plays guitar. But with her, she real­ly is. That’s her strong point. For her, this is music city. It’s all about country. It’s where she’s flourishing.

I could do my job from anywhere — Megadeth is that successful. I can do stuff on the net from a desert island if I wanted to. But I think for her, to be here right now and work with other songwrit­ers builds her name. She just goes in and meets people and doesn’t tell them who her dad is [laughs].

Read the entire interview about his move from Rolling Stone India here.

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