5@5: Woman Claims to Use Telepathy to Convince Missing Animals to Return Home

Nashville, TN, United States / 102.9 The Buzz

Not gonna lie, I ain’t judging. I know people, who know people, that swear by this stuff.

This woman from Rugby, Warwickshire claims she can speak to missing pets and convince them to return back home using telepathy. As in, she can give a reading by looking at a single photograph, and she can tell if an animal is alive or not by certain visions she’s received.

She says the readings start via e-mail, and by asking what questions the owners want to know before she “leaves her mind open,” and so the animals can show her clues to their whereabouts.

Although the story says the woman describes it as a “lovely, warm” feeling when she can reunite the pets with the owners, she sometimes has to deliver bad news to the owners.

You think this can be real? See more of the story in the Twitter link below.


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