Corey Taylor To Provide “Roar” For Villain on Dr. Who

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I had to ask some fellow nerds about Dr. Who the other day, since I’ve never watched the show, if I’d have to start waaaaay back in the 60’s when the show originally started airing, or if I could just start watching from a few years ago. They told me to go ahead and start watching from now, then go back and catch up in the classics. But now, I’ll be listening for Corey Taylor, a noted Whovian, who will provide the “roar” for alien warlord the Fisher King in this Saturday’s episode of the long-running British TV series. ┬áThe band were invited for a set visit when they toured Cardiff, where the show is filmed, in January.

“We needed an awesome roar for the Fisher King,” Doctor Who producer Derek Ritchie explained. “We asked Corey if he might like to do the honours. He was completely up for it.”

Slipknot will be hitting the road again in October.


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