Billy Corgan On The State Of Modern Rock: It Lacks Fight [VIDEO]

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After a killer show a couple of weeks ago from Smashing Pumpkin’s and Marilyn Manson at Ascend Amphitheater, a couple of weeks ago, Billy Corgan has a few thoughts on the current state of modern rock. He tells ABC Music News, ”

I think the real issue is more the lack of fight coming from rock music,” Corgan tells ABC Radio. “It’s broken into its own subculture, and it sort of seems to be content to just kinda stay there and wallow in it, or point fingers and say, ‘We’re cooler than them,’ or whatever. I think the fight’s been kinda given up, it’s like, ‘Well, this is the way of the world now, and as long as we get to go play festivals it’s all good, even though we’re playing music that’s 20 years old, it’s all good.’ It just seems to be this kind of uncomfortable silence about the whole thing.”

Corgan adds that rock music has lost the “moral high-ground,” meaning that it no longer represents the voice of the common people.

“I used to say back in the ’90s we’re a populist band,” he says of the Pumpkins. “We want to represent something popular, but from a perspective of our own middle-class upbringing. It was sort of middle-class rebellion.”

Corgan also laments what he feels is a lack of guitars in today’s rock music, but he doesn’t think you necessarily need a guitar to be a rock band with fight, as evidenced by the rap group¬†Public Enemy.

And Now how about some fan footage of the show here in Nashville! ¬†“Zero” shot by Minta Daniel.


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