Nashville Dad Gets One Direction Tattoo For Contest, Finds Out He Can’t Win (VIDEO)

Nashville, TN, United States / 102.9 The Buzz

Nashvillian, Roger Fraser wanted to win One Direction tickets for his daughters for their show on July 31 in Indianapolis. So he decided to get a tattoo of the One Direction logo for a radio station contest. Only one problem…

He wasn’t eligible! Radio station rules state that you had to be a legal resident of Indiana. D’oh!

Fraser says he’s keeping the tattoo as a funny memory.

“I’m keeping it forever. It’s a good memory for me and my daughters. I did it for them. It’s going to stay with me forever.”

Don’t worry, the Fraser’s eventually got tickets and everyone enjoyed the show! Well, as much as one can enjoy a One Direction show.

Watch the story below:

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