5@5:[WATCH]Hitchhiking Robot Dies ‘Cause Humans Suck! [VIDEO]

Nashville, TN, United States / 102.9 The Buzz

After traveling without incident  through Canada, Germany, and the Netherlands, HitchBOT, a robot who relied on the kindness of humans, to get around, has met an untimely demise. In the city of “Brotherly Love.”

According to Canadian journalist Lauren O’Neil, hitchBOT was found with its head and arms ripped off.

When hitchBOT the hitchhiking robot started his journey in Boston two weeks ago he wanted to see the entire U.S. never made it out of the Northeast. The researchers who built hitchBOT announced today that they need to stop the experiment because HitchBOT was vandalized in Philadelphia.  Watch, if you dare, the brutal attack on HitchBOT. R.I.P. little buddy.

And this, is why I like animals better than people.


Be Just and Fear Not



HitchBOT Attacker


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