Somebody Broke Into My House Yesterday!

Nashville, TN, United States / 102.9 The Buzz

I get home late last evening to let the dogs out and get a protein shake down real  quick before I have to run back out to get dog food and as soon as I walk in the first thing I notice, is my T.V. is GONE!! I did a double take. I really did. I’m like W.T.F. MAN?!!!! I also notice that they took my soundbar. Damnit man! I go to let the dogs out and notice the back door wide open. As I’m on the phone with my insurance company, the nice lady on the line ask me to get a pen and paper to write down claim number. I go to grab one out of the pen cup by the computer, and notice that they also took my pen set! This was one of those company Christmas gifts from the previous company I worked for here, a wooden box with the company name on it, a pen, pencil, and a letter opener. A PEN SET MAN! Who the hell takes a pen set???!!!!!!

The thing that amazed me is that they didn’t touch any of my guitars or my amp that was sitting in the living room! Unbelievable.  I actually  had to laugh at this situation. Luckily my dogs weren’t hurt, nor any major damage done to the house, but still!

If you know of someone who has recently come into possesion of an LG 42 tele, a Samsung Soundbar and a FREAKING PEN SET WITH THE NAME OF THE OTHER COMPANY written on it….please let me know.


Be Just and Fear Not


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