Layne Staley Could Have Auditioned for Audioslave

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Layne Staley Could Have Auditioned for Audioslave

After leaving Alice In Chains, Layne Staley could have become lead singer for Audioslave.

Alternative Nation reported on the story after connecting with one of Staley’s old friends named Morgan Gallagher. According to the article, Staley and Gallagher were close. They had been friends since 1986 and even lived together at one point.

Gallagher watched Staley achieve stardom before his drug habit had gotten worse.

“I hadn’t seen him in a couple of years and wasn’t prepared for it,” Gallagher says about meeting with Staley in 2001. “By this point he had quit [Alice In Chains], he had lost most of his teeth, and weighed barley 100 pounds. We talked for a little and when we parted ways, I cried.”

He saw Staley again soon after, and the singer was in far better spirits. The two talked and Staley told him about wanting to audition for the band that would become Audioslave.

“That day we were talking and he said he had gotten a call from the old Rage Against the Machine members and they were putting together a new project, and they wanted him to audition,” Gallagher says. “He said he was going back to treatment and then going to L.A. to do the audition in a couple of months. He never made it, so Chris Cornell went and got the job.”

Check out the full story at Alternative Nation.

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