5@5: Have Bad Dreams? They Might Be Good For You

Nashville, TN, United States / 102.9 The Buzz

It’s crazy I found this article today, just last night I had a nightmare!  I was going out to broadcast live, I was running late, I didn’t know how to work the setup they had for me, I couldn’t remember the slogan the radio station I was working for, I was at the wrong event, guy in the studio hated me and wasn’t helping because he wanted me fired…

What would a therapist say about that?  I woke up stressed out!

But, back to the point… this article I read that says these nightmares can actually be good for your mental health.  They can actually be stress relievers.  Click HERE to check out the article, there’s also a video if you want to watch it.

And, no worries on starting the day stressed from the crazy dream.  The day actually turned out good, matter of fact, can’t wait to share some news I heard today with you soon.

Now give me songs that relate! -zigz

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