Calgary Man Charged With Flying A Lawn Chair With 100 Balloons Attached [VIDEO]

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Seriously, I want to go Sky Diving, but I don’t think I’d do it this way. A Calgary Man was charged this past Sunday with mischief ,but more charges could be on the way.


He deployed the parachute and ended up landing in a green space and rolled his ankle, causing minor injury. He was looked at by EMS, then taken into custody and eventually charged.  Daniel Boria, 26, told police he was planning on parachuting into the Calgary Stampede, a rodeo event, to promote his cleaning-products. That’s one way to get noticed.


Calgary Police acting Insp. Kyle Grant. “I usually see it on those crazy shows on TV of what not to do.” Thankfully his parachute functioned properly and of course he wasn’t seriously injured upon landing but there’s still the question of the chair being up in the air,” he said.

“It’s my understanding that those balloons would pop once they get to a certain height and the chair would fall back to the Earth. At this point we have no reports of anybody finding anything or anybody being injured, but it’s a big concern for us and I don’t think it’s something he took into account.”


Be Just and Fear Not


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