5@5: Testicle Eating Fish Found in New Jersey Lake: HE HAS HUMAN TEETH [VIDEO]

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A South American fish, that has human teeth was caught by a NJ fisherman and his son. The Pacu has teeth that are used for cracking nuts, that dangle from trees….but yours could be mistaken…..The Rest of the story from USA Today

National Geographic reports that pacu have a bad reputation online, where many people believe they bite human testicles allegedly confusing them with tree nuts.

Fears have been so widespread that some officials have even suggested that men swim with their bathing suits tightly tied, according to the report.

Invasive pacu were blamed by locals in New Guinea for the deaths of two men in 2011 after they reportedly lost their testicles, but it was not confirmed and National Geographic reports information on the incident is scarce.

The question remains: How did a pacu end up in a south Jersey lake?

Hajna said the fish was most likely released by a hobbyist after it grew to big for its fish tank.

Be Just and Fear Not


Testicle Eating Fish

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