Taylor Hawkins Once Scared the $*%#! Out of Kanye West

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Taylor Hawkins Once Scared the $*%#! Out of Kanye West

I learned something new today. Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins and Kanye West are practically neighbors. He recently told NME that he rides his bike often “near the big gnarly mansion where Kanye and his chick live I guess.”

“He lives pretty close to me, strangely enough,” he said. “Before he bought a house [in the neighborhood] he was apparently looking at it and this estate agent told me that he was showing him the house and he looks round and says, ‘Is this place secure? Can anybody get in or out?’ And then right at that time I came flying down the hill [on my bike] into the neighborhood.”

Apparently Kanye has even complained about it, go figure, but shut up once he realized it was the drummer from Foo Fighters.

It’s involving Kanye, so of course there’s plenty more drama where that came from. There’s been a petition started against Kanye involving the Glastonbury Festival, which Dave Grohl says, “I don’t know who the dude is that started the petition but I think every one of those votes is only fuelling Kanye’s f*****g fire and it could be the greatest show of all time.” Read more about it here.

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